About The Engineering Systems RiskLab

At DTU’s Engineering Systems RiskLab, we enable organizations to innovate responsibly. As an initiative of the Engineering Systems Division, we take a systemic perspective on risk management that stretches from optimizing engineering to shaping societal impact. We innovate at the intersection of safety and risk management, engineering systems design thinking, and project management. Our major research areas are:

Responsible Technology - Smart Safety: Novel approaches to develop and certify safe cyber-physical and AI-based systems

Responsible Projects - Resilient Projects: Managing high-risk innovation projects and programs to maximize their value to a diverse stakeholder base

Responsible Strategy - De-Risking Strategy: Optimizing risk-return balance in designing and delivering strategy initiatives in technology companies

Responsible Public Engagement - Public Risk Perception: Productively engaging with public risk perceptions in large engineering and technology programs and transformations.

In each of those areas, we focus our efforts on novel, paradigm-shifting approaches. Across our research areas, we leverage our deep technical expertise in the fields such as risk and safety management; advanced qualitative, probabilistic and non-probabilistic risk quantification; resilience theory; project risk management; and risk perception.